Welcome to my Astronomy Page

Hi everybody out there, and how's it going, welcome to my Astronomy Webpage. Here I hope to show you my CCD Deepsky photos, darksky sites I like to go to, a link to the local astronomy club here in town, very cool nightsky chart, along with a bunch of other things. But most of all, you will find all of my best images here.

I have been looking at the heavens for about 30 years now. Started out using film and a camera for taking astro images over 20 years ago. In about 2000 I started getting into CCD imaging. Of course there is the big learning curve and like anybody else, have been getting a lot better. Here you are going to find images that I have taken over the years, using different telescopes and cameras. You will also find links to other site of interests, astronomy, astronomy related items for sale, weather and more.

Here is a Night Shot from Mt Pinos California.

Here is a Night Shot of my setup from Mt Pinos

     The Local Santa Barbara
Astronomy Club