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Imagine you are stargazing under the most spectacular view of a clear night sky, but here is the thing. Your not outside in the cold of night, on the cold hard ground looking up, Where you are relaxing? Well you will never believe it. In the comforts of your own warm bed? 

How is this Possible?  By having me transform your boring ceiling into the most beautiful Midnight Sky you will ever see!

I will apply a one of a kind 3-Dimensional Glow-in-the-dark Mural of the night sky, thousands of realistic looking stars! Virtually invisible during the day. Your In Your Bed, Your Eyes Start To Adjust to the Darkness. You Begin To See Stars, The Milky way & Shooting Stars Overhead. Its As If Your Ceiling Has Disappeared.

Hi, my name is Paul Winn, I am a Midnight Star Murals Artist in Santa Barbara, Ca and surrounding areas. A mural artist who paints stargazing murals in your home or place of business. Using My Secret Process, I can replicate the night sky as it was meant to be seen the universe in all its glory just for you. Your very own "Personal Midnight Star Mural"

The Ceiling is custom painted by hand using a Special Non-Toxic Glow In The Dark Paint and is almost completely invisible during the day, or when room lights are on but at night, the milkyway along with thousands of stars appear along with your choice of Nebula, Comets, Shooting Star's, Galaxies, and more to create a 3-dimensional view of the most amazing and stunning starry sky you have ever seen!

Discover Secrets to Relaxation, Inspiration. The Perfect Romantic Evening.
Lets Not Forget About A Great Night Sleep!

Not only is this a wonderful way to ease stress and relax you while you drift peacefully to sleep...a Midnight Star Mural is a fantastic conversational piece! Show it off to your friends and have them wishing they had one in their own homes as well!